7) Most chocolate novel, It’s national chocolate day!

Since I’ve already put book about chocolate in the section about delicious food I’m resorting to adding a new book to my TBR pile:

Como Agua Para Chocolate by Laura Esquivel


Here are some pictures of chocolate delicacies!

Sailor Moon twenty two years later!



Sailor Moon remains one of my greatest childhood heroes. This veteran of Japanese animation is old enough to buy her own alcohol. 22 years ago – the mere thought makes me feel old! As much as I’m glad to see her in new shiny colors and presented to new generations of kids –  I can’t help but feel scared for her as well!

This anime series has been a guilty pleasure for many a girl. It was the first successful shōjo title in the United States. It’s popularity can be sang in many languages and styles – there’s even a few metal and heavy metal versions:

When it comes to Internet popularity there are more web pages dedicated to Sailor Moon than there are to Mickey Mouse. And the themed merchandise hasn’t stop selling!


It will be fun to see how the new Sailor Moon makeover looks like in full. I’m mostly interested in reactions of the new generations to rich array of characters from the series. Most of them are exotic and can still be described as progressive for they include: lesbians, transgenders, 14 year old girls in relationships with 18 high school students, semi-incestual connotations, high school kids having kids of their own, some messed up female role models and many more…

Must watch!