JULY 11.

11) The book that made you cry

The ultimate book to make me cry is:



I cried my heart out reading this book and I cry every time I watch the movie. I know some people who cried for days since one of their favorite characters died in this book. It is the last one in the series and J.K Rowling has characters dropping George R.R. Martin style   (maybe not as gruesomely violent but the numbers were quite compelling if you take into account that this is children turned YA turned adult series)

The reason for my crying?

Snape. There is nothing as having a bad guy turned good die mere moments you find out that he was one of the good guys!

Books make me cry often! In fact I have periods of time when I prefer my books to be a bit on the sappy side. In short: there is a long list of books that make me cry. I’d like to point out some that made me laugh and cry at the same time!
The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders

YES – it  is as sappy as it sounds! I got it as a freebie on Kindle. I’t may not be the highest literary achievement I have ever read BUT it had me on a emotional rollercoaster! And I appreciate that in a book!
This is where I leave you by Jonathan Tropper

This is extremely funny tear inducing black comedy with family theme. It’s actually been made into a movie and I like the cast since it stars some of the best comedians out there.

Here’s the trailer vid:

Sadly from what I can tell they kicked out some of the darker comical scenes but I will give the movie a try!