JULY 20.

20) Your Desert island novel


While I was trying to decide which book would be a good company if I ever find myself stranded on a deserted island few options crossed my mind.

  • Option A#

I’d like a book that will make me so absorbed in her world and characters so that I forget I’m alone on a deserted island. Something that will inspire me to think about the things that are to be read in between the lines.

This is why I choose Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton

Ok, so it is not exactly 1 book but 22 and counting. But I don’t care and count it here anyway!

The reason I find this series inspirational is the actual lack of things happening. Let me explain…

This series is written in first person from point of view of main heroine Anita Blake. And the author has created a really great world and filled it with large variety of creatures which make for some very interesting reappearing characters.


Unfortunately, not all of those characters get the same amount of spotlight. Some of them are very dear to me and I like thinking about what they were doing/feeling while the main heroine was doing her thing – which is running around, waving a gun and hunting the bad guys as a US Marshall.

This series goes from overlong scenes where main character is confused by her love/sex life to the very short, and sometimes, amazing action packed scenes which end way to quickly. And almost every book has a rather annoying narrator ending which explains what happened from the point of the view of the main heroine – I say annoying since with all the drama that is spread trough the book only thing that gets resolved is the bad guy dies and case is closed. The personal drama is ever flowing and it never gets resolved unless it comes to bloodshed – which so happens it does more than often.


This leaves the reader with a sense of heaviness –  a great big burden that stretches from one book to the other and then you turn around and see ten books just flew by while you were reading in a hopeless quest to get some closure or even book time for your favorite characters.

I would really like to read more about my favorite characters so I could use my time on the deserted island to daydream about what would the story be like from their point of view.

  • Option B#

I’d like a book that will take my mind off my predicament by presenting me with how fictional characters got out of predicaments similar to that of being stranded on a deserted island.

This is why I choose The Odyssey by Homer

This is one of the books I’d like to read. And just like being on a deserted would be a journey for the mind I think that Homers Odyssey would be a fitting equivalent as a reading adventure.

Odysseus on his journey home

Calypso and her island

Penelope losing it a little every few years

  • Option C#

There are some books that are on my reading list but I just can’t make myself read them. Being on a deserted island with nothing better to read instead would be a prefect way for me to make myself read them.

This is why I choose Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin

Again it is not one book but a series of formidable plump books – but give me a break I need more than one book if I get stranded on a deserted island!

Game of Thrones (first book in the series) is one of the rare books I did not finish. I did not give up on it! I merely put it off for later…how much later I really don’t know.


I think it is because I watched the series before giving a book a chance and can’t get myself into it now.

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