JULY 23.

23) Favorite novel with exotic background


Kushiel’s Dart (Kushiel’s Legacy book 1) by Jacqueline Carey

A Novel of Passion, Magic and Betrayal

The story takes place in a land which is geographically very much like the world we live in.

What is so exotic is the people and how they live in a world the author imagined. The place where the story starts is called Terre D’Ange and its inhabitants are descendants of angels. The people are called D’Angelines. Their country’s credo is:

Love as thou wilt.

Terre d’Ange is divided into seven provinces, each with a companion as its patron deity. Cassiel, who eschewed mortal love and never fully rejected the One God, is the only companion without a province. The Cassiline Brotherhood, however, follows the ways and philosophy of Cassiel and have a prominent role in d’Angeline society. Naamah (patron Goddess of the Night Court) is the patron of Namarre, Anael of L’Agnace, Azza of Azzalle, Shemhazai of Siovale, Camael of Camlach, Eisheth of Eisande, and Kushiel of Kusheth.

This would be Kushiel

I like how author imagined her characters and their view on life. Main characters go on epic adventures and those adventures have just the right amount of aspects that are familiar to our real world but just enough exotic details to make the readers want to experience more alongside with main characters.


Main characters embark on an epic journey and it turns the series into a real adventuring saga – the whole series has nine books total which are divided into three trilogies.

First three books are centered on the character of Phèdre nó Delaunay – a character that inspired many a fan.

“Whip us ’till we’re on the floor, we’ll turn around and ask for more, we’re Phèdre’s Boys!
We like to hurt, we like to bleed, daily floggings do we need, we’re Phèdre’s Boys!
Man or woman, we don’t care, give us twins we’ll take the pair! We’re Phèdre’s Boys!
…But just because we let you beat us, doesn’t mean you can defeat us, we’re Phèdre’s Boys!”
― Jacqueline Carey

Second and third trilogy continue in same manner as the first. These are captivating intriguing books that will amaze the reader and make him blush.


I find the background to the story to be quite exotic!


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