JULY 24.


24) A book that reminds you of an English teacher

Abstinence Teacher
The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perrotta

The reason this book reminds me of my high school English teacher is the similarities I see between her and the main character of this book. Both are very caring in what they do and think of well being of others a great deal.

This is what I like to refer as a *vanilla book*. By that I mean a contemporary real life based book – no supernatural, no kinky business – ALL PLAIN STUFF THAT CAN HAPPEN TO ANY OF US AT SOME POINT IN OUR LIVES.

Main character of the book is Ruth Ramsey who is the high school human sexuality teacher whose openness is not appreciated by all her students—or their parents. This book illuminates the powerful emotions that run beneath the placid surface of modern American family life, and explores the complicated spiritual and sexual lives of ordinary people.

It also touches to some issues that I figured I feel rather strongly about.

I will not start on the issues I have with organized religion for the sake of ones who might stumble on my blog and read it – it would be a frustrated rant filled with negative comments.

I think the author did a fine job at writing about this topic.





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