JULY 25.

25) A book that is your guilty pleasure


Dartmouth Cobras series by Bianca Sommerland

Yes it is another book series!

I got the first book as a Kindle freebie and loved it. It was one of those books you find by using search words such as: free kindle erotica, free kindle romance, free kindle menage.

It started out as a porn seeking adventure and now I’m even interested in hockey – I’m not a sports fan of any kind. In short this is a story about a hockey team called Dartmouth Cobras whose players have one thing in common – they all into S&M scene. The main coach is the owner of a private club which most players are members of. They are a  team who participate in playoffs and want to win the cup one day. There’s even a team listing in the books.

Then I went and bought a Kindle edition boxset of the first three book. Because I’m still not completely into spending money on e-books and I prefer buying paper books so this was a nice way to tell myself I’m saving money with the boxset edition

After that I bought book four


While I’m peeking out on buying the book five

I see the book six has come out!

I like how author made her promo page for the books.


A word to the wise:

This is a book about S&M ( and it is nothing like that fluffy Fifty Shades of Grey books).

In this book there are things which many will find provoking and even distasteful.

There is hardcore BDSM, polyamorous relationships, group sex, kinky sex, bisexuals who aren’t afraid to show it, some really daring characters

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