JULY 29.


29) Favorite likable villian


She is a villian that appears in The Mortal Instruments series.

According to the lore in the books she is a Greater Demon who is credited as the mother of all warlocks and the “first of all demons.” Lilith is described as beautiful, except that she has black snakes protruding from her otherwise hollow eye sockets. She has long, shining black hair. Her shape is slim and lovely, and her skin white.

I like her attitude and how she is portrayed. There are not many respectable female vilians out there IMO.

Here’s a quote that made me love her character:

” Lilith looked at him, shaking her head slowly, her dark hair swirling around her like smoke. “I am the oldest of demons,” she said. “I am not a man. I have no male pride for you to trick me with, and I am not interested in single combat. That is entirely a weakness of your sex, not mine. I am a woman, I will use any weapon and all weapons to get what I want.” ”
pg 259.

City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instruments book 4 ) by Cassandra Clare


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