JULY 30.


30) Lucky Dip -you pick


In Nordic mythology, Loki, Loptr, or Hveðrungr is a god or jötunn (or both).

In last few years his popularity grew after Tom Hiddleston took the role of Loki in Thor movie.

He is present in many literary versions some old and some new. One of the oldest presentations of Loki are part of poems in Poetic Edda and myths in Prose Edda.

Loki has sired few children. Three upon a giantess named Angerboða. Váli (or Áli) and Narfi were Loki’s sons by his wife Sigyn, who was a giant goddess of Ásgarð. Sleipnir’s birth is a bit strange since Loki was his *mother*! Loki transformed himself into a mare (female horse) in order to distract a stallion named Svaðilfari, which belonged to a certain giant. The stallion impregnated Loki, and the eight-legged Sleipnir was the result.

In poem Lokasena which is pretty much about gods hurling insults at each other there are few interesting parts involving Loki. At one point during the exchanges, Óðinn accuses Loki of spending eight years in the form of a woman on earth serving as a milkmaid to a troll or giant to whom he, in his female form, bore children. As insults go this one is rather colorfull indeed.

He is a Trickster god and most times he is portrayed like a perfect person to blame for all that goes wrong in Norse mythology.

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