Casual player – Hearthstone

I was coerced into playing this game by my boyfriend!

And now I’m a casual player of Hearthstone.

Basically it is an online strategy card game by Blizzard Entertainment. And the last game from Blizzard I liked to play way Diablo 2.

I played it like a maniac for about 7 years without getting bored with it…yeah not sure what that says about me….

Hearthstone has its perks for casual players and there are few things I really like about it. I already said it is a strategy card game. It also has 9 different classes based type of card decks you can play with. Every class is represented by a character hero from World of Warcraft.

I’ve already established that I’m not good with some classes and better with others.

Every deck has 30 cards and when you run out of them the game starts to damage you every time you need to replace a card. There is a maximum of 2 same cards per deck in normal and ranked play with the exception of legendary cards where the limit is 1.

Here is an example of a legendary card.


Some cards are limited to certain classes and some are playable by any class

I have some favorites and cards I find adorable. I put them in almost every class deck contrary to advice I get no to.

These are my two favorites:



One of the funny things about this game is every time you play a certain card there is a sound accompanying it. Many thuds, squeals and cheers.

like the sound when a type of creature called Murloc makes when it enters the game

What I as a player consider one of the best things about this game is minimum opportunity for harassment from other players. By this I mean that there is no chat option between random players who are, after all, total strangers playing a game online. There will not be situation where some other player can get abusive or insulting during a game.

Most of social interaction during a game are 6 greetings and comments a player can pick to say. And even those can be turned off!