Book review: UNTIL YOU

Last night I had forgone sleep in favor of finishing a book!

until you

I finished reading Until You by Penelope Douglas. This novel is a part of a Fall Away series. First one was called Bully. Bully was a random reading pick I bought on Kindle for 0.99$. It was a wonderful surprise. That was over a year ago. Last month I bought Until you and decided to read Bully again. It turned out even better than I remembered.

This is YA series for mature audiences.

Main characters are two friends who live next door to each other – Tatum and Jared. Both of them live with a single parent. One summer when they are thirteen Jared goes to visit his father. When he comes back their relationship changes and Jared starts bullying Tatum any chance he gets. He goes above an beyond to make her life miserable. From spreading nasty rumors about her to open humiliations in public.


Everything changes when Tatum after years of this treatment goes away for a year to France. She comes back for a senior year of high school with determination to stop being a victim of her former best friend. She starts fighting back.

bully jared


Bully is written from Tatum’s POV (point of view) and Until You is written from Jared’s POV.

Until You follows the same events as the first novel but we see it from different point of view. Even though I knew most of the story, reading Until You had my attention in full! Both characters follow their own line of thinking and it is interesting to read how those two interact.


There is a lot of sexual tension between the two and whole series is charged with it.

Few scenes had my eyes blurry from tears and the whole experience was engaging. There were quite a few memorable scenes and that alone is a big plus since I find most of YA high school novels like movies of the same topic to recycle same stuff in a boring way.


Next book in the series is Rival.

It tells the story of Madoc.

Madoc is Jared’s best friend.

His rival is his step sister…



Newest book for this series is announced for January 2015.

It is called Falling Away and the main protagonist is K.C. – Tatum’s best friend.

falling away


More books for my wishlist!

2 thoughts on “Book review: UNTIL YOU

  1. Nice review. I like how you incorporate quotes and images within the review. I’ve been seeing quite a few posts that mention Bully. Maybe I’ll have to check it out.

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