The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group – Book review

The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group by Catherine Jinks




I bought this book since my boss made a joke about it. I find the title funny and interesting.

It is a story of a teenage boy that one day finds himself waking up in a zoo dingo pen not knowing how he got there. Dingoes are confused as well!



From that point on comes a rather realistic story of a teenager in a predicament. What I was amazed with in this story is how author choose to portray what happened afterwards. Main character is named Toby. Toby doesn’t remember what happened to him and the fact that he doesn’t remember is a scary one.

When all normal reasons for Toby’s weird morning get ruled out and some strange people start offering help Toby must decide what the truth is for himself.


We see his transformation from a kid who likes goofing around with his friends into someone who learns all the unpleasant excitements that danger can bring.

Maybe it’s me not being a kid anymore that got me to notice some children safety messages through the book.

“..why can’t werewolves have any fun? “

I found the mother character to be quite convincing!

“Toby, this is all a conspiracy!’ Mum cut me off. Her voice cracked on  a sob as she fumbled for the handbrake. Her eyes were glazed with panic and she was trembling all over. “We got to get out of here, now!” she ranted. “We got to get away from these people!””


I like the authors explanation on werewolves and how they came to be. And I like how the rest of supernatural creatures were portrayed even tho the vampires were less than glamorous.



I couldn’t help but notice all the humane things about the monsters in this book and all the monstrous things about humans.



One of the lines from the book stuck with me:

“Any changes you make have to be for the better, or you shouldn’t be making them.”


There is another book by the same author:

The Reformed Vampire Support Group


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