Monthly reading review October!


Book stats: October edition

Books you read: 2!

Books I read in October:

Sacrificed to the Dragon Part One ( Stonefire Dragons Book 1) by Jessie Donovan ★★★★

On this book I already wrote a review and you can find it HERE.

Naopake Bajke by Ivanka Borovac ★★★


This is a children’s book of songs themed by popular fairy tales like Snowhite. I found them to be quite funny.

DNF? two reading in progress books

They are:

Outlander (Outlander book 1) by Diana Gabaldon



In Desert and Wilderness by  Henryk Sienkiewicz

In desert and wilderness - web-500x500
Genres: children’s books, urban fantasy

1. Were you happy with the amount you read?
This October I turned into person who has no time for reading and frankly I was scary even to myself! So no, not happy with the amount of reading I did this month, not happy at all!
2. If you had a 5 star read, what was it and why?
Between two books I read this month there were no 5 stars

3. If you had a 1 or 2 star read, what was it and why?
Between two books I read this month there were no 1 or 2 stars either

4. Any new book boyfriends?
None, and I seriously need to work on that!
5. Any new jerks?
None, I guess that’s a good thing
6. Did you start any new series?
Sacrificed to the Dragon by Jessie Donovan It is a short introduction story to the UF book with dragons! I got this part one free on sale and now I’m thinking on continuing it :/
7. Did you find any new authors that you loved?
Jessie Donovan was fun to read
8. Any book you would recommend?
If you like hot steamy UF with dragon shifters you might want to check out Sacrificed to the Dragon by Jessie Donovan

New acquisitions!

I have made two new purchases and one pre-order this month and they were both on Kindle!

First was The Hollows series novella that came out few days ago:

sudden backtrack

Sudden Backtrack: A Hollows Short by Kim Harrison

I was excited for this one since it centers on my favorite demon Al (short for Algaliarept)



In terms of reading and publishing order Goodreads says it is 13.5 book in the series.

Can’t wait to read it to find out!

Second was a guilty pleasure of mine:

Delayed Penalty (The Dartmouth Cobras #5) by Bianca Sommerland

delayed penalty


I’m hoping that these two will help me get my reading groove back!

Also the pre-order was Jason (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Book 23!)jason book


Stonefire Dragons Book 1 review

Lately I’ve been fascinated by all things dragon themed.

dragon hoard


Recently I found a kindle book about dragon shifters on sale and decided to give it a try.

Sacrificed to the Dragon: Part One (Stonefire Dragons Book 1) by Jessie Donovan

dragon 1The story is set on the British Isles in alternate universe where dragons are real! The book above is a short introduction to a series where dragon shifters live more or less alongside with humans. They live in small reservation like areas across the world and are divided by clans. After some political negotiations general consensus has been reached between humans and dragon shifter clans. Habitat issues aside dragon shifters as it turns out are a dying breed. They have some reproduction problems and their numbers are low. Also their blood has great healing properties. They can cure most human ailments including cancer and some other fatal conditions.

dragons_blood_collection_550Because of this a donor-sacrifice program exists. This is where a human female can choose to volunteer for helping out if she tests positive to be compatible with dragon shifter genome.Women sacrifice themselves in order to become mothers to a baby dragon shifter and in return dragons donate their blood. The sacrifices are so named since the mortality rate during childbirth is high.

This first part in the series focuses on one such woman – Melanie Hall who decides to enter the dragon sacrifice program in order to save her teenage brother who is dying. Melanie Hall is an intelligent and self-dependent woman who doesn’t scare easily. And those exact qualities will be put to the test when she meets Tristan – dragon shifter chosen to be dragon baby daddy.


Tristan has no love for humans since human hunters killed his mother and brought misery to his family. When he is instructed by his clan leader to do his duty for his clan and species he is not to thrilled. Bound by honor and duty he meets the annoying human who talks back. Tristan shifts into a big black dragon with wings and an attitude to boot.

This is where the story heats up!

I like all the little details about dragon community – good and the bad, with lots of drama announced and they make up for some other things I hope will be explained later on.

YES – there are big flying dragons!

YES –  there are steamy erotic scenes!

YES – I’m thinking on buying the boxset of these series!




Librarians TV series

The Librarian: Quest for the Spear first came out a decade ago.


I was amazed and amused, since we – the students of information science, were just discussing the topic of librarian stereotypes.

It hit a point with me and covered certain things like reasons why someone who is young would like to work at a workplace traditionally seen as an old grannies job in a funny way. Not only funny but to some of us more introverted it was like having a superhero movie made out of a otherwise boring career choice. And when the next two movies came out I found it as a sacred duty to watch them.

The_Librarian-_Return_to_King_Solomon's_Mines  DVD_cover_of_The_Librarian-_Curse_of_the_Judas_Chalice


So with great pleasure I share these trailers for the upcoming TV series “The Librarians” that comes out in December!


I am so very happy about this!


As a declared veteran geek and nerd I love playing board games. I even like owning them.

Here are some of the board games and card games I have:

Munchkin Fu (and expansion Munchkin Fu 2)

This is a version of card game named Munchkin. While the original Munchkin card game is based on DnD fandom this version brings in many mainstream eastern themes. From B movie karate symbols to DnD Oriental setting. First player who gets to level 10 is a winner. Players gain levels by defeating monsters, buying levels with gold or using power up cards. This game is for 3- 6 players! 51HX6CZH4CL


I got it over a decade ago along with the expansion set for it. some of my friends had other version of Munchkin games and I ended up getting this one. I’m happy with it. It’s playable and fun!

Burn in Hell

Another card game I got long time ago. I liked the theme and the historical quirks of famous villains and bad guys from history. The game is about earning points by gathering and grouping historical figures who share diabolical natures and have a sin in common. This game is for 2-5 players.



I like the idea of this game but at all attempts of playing it we were a bit confused about ruling and point system. If any of you have positive feedback with this game please share!

Warrior Knights (and expansion Crown and Glory)

I am not a fan of long strategy games mostly since my player buddies are people who like to plot and think on every move they make – this can be annoying as it takes forever for these kind of people to make up their mind and make a move. Warrior Knights is an exemption to this rule. This is a game for 2 – 6 players. It has more ways a player can choose to take and win. I like the diversity of it all.



This game has it all: cool plastic figurines of knights on horses (four for each player sorted by color), cool looking map board to play on, versatile cards, plenty of small cardboard tokens and many strategic ways to achieve victory.


One of the more subtle games I own. Playable even by those who are not in touch with their inner geek. Excellent for groups who count more people than most other board games can support. We even played it with up to four groups with 3 people each!


I keep most of the pictures and drawings made by the people I play with. We mostly use blank notebooks which I can store away for blackmail purposes in the future #INSERT EVIL LAUGH HERE#

There’s only a minor setback to this game for me….I really suck at drawing


Fury of Dracula

This is basically hide and seek game WITH DRACULA! The game is for 2- 5 players where one player is Dracula and the rest are chasing him all across Europe.



Depending on the luck of Dracula it can be quite engaging and fun game. I got this game from a former work buddy. I’m still a bit upset that I got it used – she never really took good care of it and so the cards are a bit worn and some of the tokens are missing 😦

On the bright side each character has a nice plastic figurine and I’ve seen lots of really cool pictures where people took the time to paint them and make this cool game even more awesome experience.



Jealous? Damn right I am!

Mansions of Madness

This is a game for lovers of Cth’ulhu. It is meant for 2 – 5 players where one player takes on the role of the master of monsters and uses them to kill of other players. Game is run by scenarios and every expansion adds more monsters and new stories. It is a great game for people who enjoy horror movies and scary stories.



This game is also filled with 24 monster figures and 8 investigator plastic figures – each with great painting potential. I do believe painting the figures is an excellent way to add to the game.


These were some of my games. I hope you liked them. Aside from these there are also some that my boyfriend invented and we often play test them. I might make a post on those some other time.

If you have any recommendations let me know!

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Review

In one of my previous posts I made a graphic novel pool and the winner was League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore (Author), Kevin O’Neill (Artist)


Basically this is a story about a British secret unit in 19th century. This unit is made from some of the most notable fictional characters in literature. To name them all would only be spoiler for no reason. This is one of the prime examples of graphic novel genres whose intended audience are adults.

kr            kr

The artwork takes a bit to get used to. At first I was not thrilled with the art style. After a few pages I began to notice some quality details along the way. Like the picture below.

krThe use of complimentary contrasted colors of purple and yellow

The drawing I at first thought of as stringy and sparse turned out to hold many detail of satiric and comical value. Some of the pictures you might even think of as one of those “Where’s Wally” schemes. There are many characters hiding in plain sight depicting little bits and pieces most likely correct for the time frame of a period in question. Every now and then a half naked woman or some obscene detail would pop out in a corner of the page.

krPeople of the street, general poverty, lack of moral and hygiene.

Some of the ideas in the book were super cool and some were simply masterful. The idea of a character Invisible Man recruitment story was not something one could see in any of other versions of tale of this character. It was refreshing actually.


I liked it all up until the end where the kitschy embellishments in the form of sarcastic and witty remarks from the authors throughout the book started to annoy me.


By the time I reached the end of this colorful and rich book I couldn’t wait for it to end. The edition I was reading had many extras and one of those was a short story for one of the main characters.


I didn’t like it. The writing style was obtuse and filled with unnecessary phrasing. At times it was repetitive and weirdly psychedelic and I just couldn’t get into it. (This may be for my lack of experience with opiates which author must favor)

In general, this is a graphic novel worth reading and I’m glad I read it despite its ups and downs.

Reading stats for September



Here is the complete list of books I read in September:

Werewolves In The Kitchen by Shauna Aura Knight ★★★
Capturing the Earl’s Love by Jane Lark ★★★
The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group by Catherine Jinks ★★★★
Kingdom Come by Mark Waid (Author), Alex Ross (Artist), Todd Klein (Calligrapher) ★★★
Fly Me to the Moon by Alyson Noël ★★★
Bizarij by Jasna Horvat ★★★
Sailor Moon (Pretty Guardian Sailormoon vol 9) by Naoko Takeuchi ★★★★
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Book 1) by Alan Moore (Author), Kevin O’Neill (Artist)★★★
Happy Marriage?! (Hapi Mari Vol 7) by Maki Enjoji ★★
Happy Marriage?! (Hapi Mari Vol 8) by Maki Enjoji ★★★
Happy Marriage?! (Hapi Mari Vol 9) by Maki Enjoji ★★★

Books read:11

1. Were you happy with the amount you read?
It was ok since I was down for the count most of the month

Better than last month but still on the downside overall. This was a slow and stressful month for me. I let myself go without a reading plan for September. What I got going for me this month reading wise is variety!

5 stars: none

2. If you had a 5 star read, what was it and why?
No five star reads, nothing that impressed me much

This month there were no great stories to motivate me. Nothing I read was extra good.

1 stars:none

3. If you had a 1 or 2 star read, what was it and why?
I was finishing  manga serial Hapi Mari by Enjoji Maki and one of the three volumes I read this month had me rating it 2 stars. This manga is about arranged marriage in japanese style which seems to be totally confusing for me at times. At times this manga is very much about all the stressful things couples have to overcome in relationships and sometimes the amount of cultural quirks just takes me by surprise. I will have to make a post on this manga to try to clarify.

This month there were no awful reads.



You can almost say I was bored and unimpressed during reading this month. I don’t want this trend to continue therefore for October I’ve decided to make a reading plan! More on the reading plan later!

DNF? reading 2 leftover from September!

Basically I try to avoid DNFs (Did Not Finish) in my reading to the point of masochism so instead here I put books I’m reading trough next month.

These are:

In Desert and Wilderness by Henryk Sienkiewicz
Outlander (Outlander series book 1) by Diana Gabaldon

Genres: UF, HR, manga, graphic novel,YA, erotic, CR, historical – I kinda mixed em up more than usual

Urban fantasy, historical romance, graphic novel, young adult, contemporary, historical fiction, manga – the themes in the books I read this month really varied from phantasamagoric to history textbook style.

4. Any new book boyfriends?
Again none 😦

I really must work on this one! I shall start looking for new BB (Book Boyfriend) in Outlander book 1 by Diana Gabaldon!
5. Any new jerks?

For some reason lately all vilians and jerk characters turn out to have at least some redeeming qualities. Seriously I miss getting worked out by hating a character or two…

6. Did you start any new series?
Started one and I’m unsure about continuing it, but I’m especially proud for continuing 2 manga series!

Technically I started one new series – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen . It was ok and well but I don’t think I will be continuing it. This was graphic novel pool read and the review will soon be posted with more details.
7. Did you find any new authors that you loved?
No new authors impressed me this month
8. Any book you would recommend?
Kingdom Come and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – both graphic novels

Whenever I can I like recommending graphic novels. These two had much to offer to a reader and that is the reason I recommend them. Also both are award winners in varied categories.