League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Review

In one of my previous posts I made a graphic novel pool and the winner was League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore (Author), Kevin O’Neill (Artist)


Basically this is a story about a British secret unit in 19th century. This unit is made from some of the most notable fictional characters in literature. To name them all would only be spoiler for no reason. This is one of the prime examples of graphic novel genres whose intended audience are adults.

kr            kr

The artwork takes a bit to get used to. At first I was not thrilled with the art style. After a few pages I began to notice some quality details along the way. Like the picture below.

krThe use of complimentary contrasted colors of purple and yellow

The drawing I at first thought of as stringy and sparse turned out to hold many detail of satiric and comical value. Some of the pictures you might even think of as one of those “Where’s Wally” schemes. There are many characters hiding in plain sight depicting little bits and pieces most likely correct for the time frame of a period in question. Every now and then a half naked woman or some obscene detail would pop out in a corner of the page.

krPeople of the street, general poverty, lack of moral and hygiene.

Some of the ideas in the book were super cool and some were simply masterful. The idea of a character Invisible Man recruitment story was not something one could see in any of other versions of tale of this character. It was refreshing actually.


I liked it all up until the end where the kitschy embellishments in the form of sarcastic and witty remarks from the authors throughout the book started to annoy me.


By the time I reached the end of this colorful and rich book I couldn’t wait for it to end. The edition I was reading had many extras and one of those was a short story for one of the main characters.


I didn’t like it. The writing style was obtuse and filled with unnecessary phrasing. At times it was repetitive and weirdly psychedelic and I just couldn’t get into it. (This may be for my lack of experience with opiates which author must favor)

In general, this is a graphic novel worth reading and I’m glad I read it despite its ups and downs.

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