Librarians TV series

The Librarian: Quest for the Spear first came out a decade ago.


I was amazed and amused, since we – the students of information science, were just discussing the topic of librarian stereotypes.

It hit a point with me and covered certain things like reasons why someone who is young would like to work at a workplace traditionally seen as an old grannies job in a funny way. Not only funny but to some of us more introverted it was like having a superhero movie made out of a otherwise boring career choice. And when the next two movies came out I found it as a sacred duty to watch them.

The_Librarian-_Return_to_King_Solomon's_Mines  DVD_cover_of_The_Librarian-_Curse_of_the_Judas_Chalice


So with great pleasure I share these trailers for the upcoming TV series “The Librarians” that comes out in December!


I am so very happy about this!

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