Magical Bookshelf!

I don’t put any art or pictures on my walls – there are only rows of bookshelves covering most of my wall space.

I have been thinking on putting something close to picture or a wall ornament of some kind. Today as I was strolling trough a shopping mall I stumbled on a Ravensburger Puzzle that caught my fancy.


My new project in a newly opened box!

It is a 1000 piece puzzle 50 by 70 cm. It shows something called a Magisches Bücherregal Nr.2. 

I grabbed it and just wouldn’t let go of it! It is full of little quirky and charming book tidbits. Here’s a bigger picture that show it better

magisches bucherregal 2


Naturally since it is called Magisches Bücherregal Nr.2. there is also Magisches Bücherregal Nr.1 !

magisches bucherregal 1

It just might be the first thing that I put on my walls!

This goes on my Christmas wishlist!


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