Book Boyfriends!

This is a summary of one of my Shelfari group  Happy Bookers activities.

Few months ago I posted a challenge to nominate a Book Boyfriend. For those who are not familiar with the term let me just explain it as a fictional character whose traits make him desirable boyfriend material. Sometimes these characters represent the ultimate dream and sometimes they are more close to reality.

So here they are, the book boyfriends we love reading about. These characters inspire us and make our hearts beat faster. They are here because we think they are the best around and want to share their awesomeness with other readers!

Here are our nominees summarized:

A vampire, a cursed bookstore owner, a werelion, a highlander and a billionare bussinesman walk into a bar….

Ethan „Rarely good. But often spectacular.“ Sullivan ( Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill )

Master vampire almost 4 centuries old. Is 6’3″, lean, with broad shoulders, green eyes, straight, shoulder-length, golden blond hair, knife-edge cheekbones, a firm jaw, and a strong brow. He is known for his impeccable black Armani suits.
Jericho „Gave his love a bookstore“ Barrons (Fever series by Karen Marie Moning)

He has the ability to shape shift into a monster with a dragon/cat-like form. Experienced in Druid ways. Has black hair that reaches his jawline, tanned skin, and black eyes. According to his Ireland identification, he is 6’3″ and weighs 245 pounds (17.5 st). He’s very powerfully built and often has red and black rune tattoos.

Jericho_BarronsJericho Barrons from graphic novel version

Curran „Yummy Beast Lord“ Lennart ( Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews)

Beast Lord and a werelion. 5’11” with blond hair and grey eyes. Favorite fighting style: Grows teeth the size of dinner forks and bites people’s heads off. Roars afterward.
Jamie „Rocks a kilt“ Fraser (Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon)

Fine kilt-wearing, ale-drinking, maiden-saving Scotsman. This redheaded highlander with a knack for learning languages is portrayed by Sam Heughan in the Outlander TV series. Fans all around the world approve this 6’3″ hottie.

10310998_755526621173216_3691092452272053869_nSam Heughan as James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser

Roarke „The walking Orgasm“ (In Death series by J.D. Robb)

A former career criminal, Roarke is the owner and CEO of Roarke Industries, an inter-planetary corporation that has made him one of the richest men in the world. Of Irish descent is 6’2″ with blue eyes and black hair.

I’m going to stop myself now before this turns into a crazy fanfic…

I don’t know about others but you’ve given me new series for my TBR pile!

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