The Witcher

kJn33XmEvolution of the Witchers Medallion – one of the most known symbols in the Witcher game series

I was a great fan of the Witcher when it first came out. I badly wanted to play it, but my computer was not capable of such feats back then. I’ve upgraded and recently came across the game series again. It came as a nice surprise that the graphic novel version was published in September. I never read the books and I’m using this opportunity to add them to my monstrous reading pile list. Also I’m adding them to my wishlist!

The Witcher USAFirst three books of the Witcher Saga by British publisher Orbit from 2008. , 2009 and 2013 respectively.

The first book with English title THE LAST WISH in the Witcher Saga first came out in 1993. by Polish author Andrzey Sapkowski under the Polish title Ostatnie zyczenie. It was later developed into a rather successful game series with some great video scenes and an amazing story.

Introduction video for the first instalation in the Witcher game series.

The main character is named Geralt of Rivia, also known as “White Wolf”. He is a monster hunter of sorts and leads us trough the dark and gritty fantastic world full of intrigue and magic. The story of Witcher would not be complete without the added effects of sex and violence. For an emotionally challenged character with supernatural abilities and monster hunting day/night job he never lacks for a female companionship.  He was for me and still remains, quite the heartthrob.


One other piece of merchandise from the Witcher series is the newest addition of The Witcher Adventure Game by Fantasy Flight. This is a fantasy board game that really got my attention.

the-witcher-adventure-gameThis one also goes on my Wishlist!

This post was inspired by the graphic novel version I read recently.

House of Glass (Witcher Volume 1) by Paul Tobin (story); Joe Querio (Illustration)

witcherHouse of Glass (Witcher Volume 1) cover

This was a first volume from what I hope to be a longstanding series. It is a story where we see Geralt of Rivia at his “business as usual” ride trough the countryside. I enjoyed reading this graphic novel.

The art was not the kind I usually prefer but it went well with the general theme of the story. The story hinted at many creatures and possibilities the world of Witcher has to offer to fans and readers.  And this was what made up for all the shortcomings in the visual sense. It reminded me of the game and made me want to read the books just to discover more about these characters and the world they occupy.

Here is a quote that made me smile while reading what is generally perceived to be reading material for male reading population. Granted this comes from the mouth of a possibly mad and removed from reality character, but it is a great quote nonetheless.

“Women are divine creatures, Witcher! They command our respect! No man can understand a woman, not ever! Their reasons are too mysterious! Too chaotic! We must accept them for what they are. “ – House of Glass (Witcher Volume 1) Chapter three.



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