Pretty Guardian Sailormoon


This Christmas I have finally finished reading the Pretty Guardian Sailormoon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi. Sailor Moon since its start in the 1992 was a sort of favorite of mine. I watched the anime show, I sang along with the intro song in more languages I care to admit and I turned into a girly girl when I finally purchased my own manga set.

In_love_sailor_moon tumblr_inline_nc6b57sijx1qz6c0s


I had few issues with reading the manga version since I watched the anime version long ago and kept trying to compare the two. Manga has 12 volumes and in comparison to anime has much more stuff going on. It was really hard to keep up with all the things in manga, and at times it was a rather psychedelic experience. So many characters who look very similar, and since the manga is all black and white it was hard to keep track at times.


The whole first two seasons of the anime version were summed up in one volume and a half of manga version. The dynamics between characters were much more complex in manga version. I was not prepared for how fast paced the plot was.


Crybaby Usagi was my childhood hero. I’m very glad I have it and all trough the volumes there were funny and cute reading moments. I loved the happy ever after ending and this manga shoujo classic.

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