Monthly reading review – January 2015


This January went by in a blur. I got to read only 3 books.

Kick-Ass 2 Prelude: Hit Girl by Mark Millar(author) & John Romita Jr.(illustrator) ★★★★

Kako dobiti posao by Gordana Frgačić ★★★

Batman: Year One by Frank Miller (author) & David Mazzucchelli (illustrator) ★★★★


As you can see two of these are graphic novels and one is almost self-help category title (the title roughly translates into “How to get a job”) I have indeed sunk low. In conclusion I’m NOT happy with the amount of reading I’ve been doing! And this shows a need for more organisation on my part.

The graphic novels I’ve read were better than expected and Batman Year One was at moments feast for the eyes. Drama galore and this Batman origin story was amazing. In fact there were parts of it I liked so much I could use the following badass quote as a motivation to do better in February!