Stuck in the middle of a book series!


I am a great fan of books that come as a part of a book series. The longer the better! The longest book series I read currently has confirmed book number 26 in the series for June 2015. I have few other that are in the double digits as well. If I start counting manga and graphic novel series the list gets even bigger. This also makes for a good looking bookshelf since I’m very careful to continue a series in a same format and edition.

One of the series that gave me a headache in this is Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris – in this case the publisher whose editions I was buying decided to change cover design and made me want to scream at someone.


The last one on the photo is number 11 in the series and the color would be best described as screaming yellow in comparison to the rest. Also the number 10 is a little bigger in format from the rest and number 9 and number 10 have a TV series cover design…The publisher in this case stopped with publishing books with the design of the first 8 altogether. This is part of the reason I never bothered much to get the last two books of the series.

The troubles of long book series aficionados aside, there are quite a number of book series I am in the middle of. Some of them I am unable to purchase for the lack of funds. Some, after a while just get left behind for something more available at the moment. My biggest problem is wanting to read them right away, and sometimes waiting for the mass market paperback to arrive can last for a year or more – which is quite a long time to wait.

Here are some of the book series I have on my shelf that fit into category where I read one, two or more; but for some reason didn’t read them all.

Exhibit number one:

Lux (Armentrout) book series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Read 2 out of 3 I have on the shelf.


Exhibit number two:

Shadow Saga book series by Christopher Golden

Read 1 out of 4 I have on the shelf.


Exhibit number three:

The Hollows book series by Kim Harrison

Read 8 out of 10 I have on the shelf.


Exhibit number four:

Kushiel’s Legacy book series by Jacqueline Carrey

Read 6 out of 9 I have on the shelf.


Exhibit number five:

Ephemera book series by Anne Bishop

Read 1 out of 2  I have on the shelf


Exhibit number six:

Angel: After the Fall graphic novel series

Read 5 out of 6 I have on my shelf. (Also I have few more that continue onto this series available on my shelf as well!)


There are others but posting them all would be just bragging about how lazy I can be.

None of these were disliked. In most cases I read few books in the series and really liked it. Until the next book arrived I almost forgot how good it felt to read that particular book series. This post is a reminder of that.

I am currently stuck in many book series and have hard time keeping them up to date for various reasons – some of them are financial or practical for the lack of time. Love towards stories like all things needs to be cherished and reminded of on a regular basis.