Reading at the moment update February


I’m always in the middle of reading a book or two or three…

Here are books I’m in the middle of reading this February!


Hero of Our Time by Mikhail Jurjevič Ljermontov

I have skipped reading this book on two occasions. First as a school assignment and second time as a part of a book challenge. Third time’s the charm! I hope I finish it this February and finally cross it off my reading list! So far I’ve read foreword and the first chapter. Wish me luck!


Delayed Penalty (Dartmouth Cobras book 5) by Bianca Sommerland

This book is a bit longer than the first four in the series. Also I find it is a slow read. I don’t know why but this one just can’t hold my attention as the first four did. I’m a little over 50% into the book. Hopefully I’ll find motivation and time to finish it this month as well.

Searching for more books to read this month!


Since it is a month with a “love in the air” theme to it I’m planing to find some mushy historical romance with dukes and rakes and the likes to fill in the romance category for February. Also tomorrow I have a RL Book club meeting where we will be discussing Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides we were reading for the past month. After that we will be choosing another book to read until our next meeting in March. Hopefully it will be something I like!