Legends in exile – Book Review

legends in exileFinished reading:

Legends in Exile (Fables: Book 1) by Bill Willingham (Author), Lan Medina (Illustrator), Steve Leialoha (Artist), Craig Hamilton (Artist)


I have been planing to read this graphic novel for a long time now. I have liked every Bill Willingham work I have ever read so far. I am a great fan of fairy tale retelling and this was something I was sizing it up for reading on more than one occasion. I have read Fairest the spin-off graphic novel series that came out after Fables were already worldwide accepted as a work of art. Fairest centered on female characters in fairytales and made them look really badass.


The story was an excellent introduction in to the Fable backstory. I liked how characters interacted and the idea that every character no matter how big or small once had its own kingdom, title and story. Snow White is the executive major of Fabletown – a place for Legends in exile. Her sister, Rose Red is missing and presumed dead. Snow White’s ex husband Prince Charming is back in town as well. The only one who can solve the mystery might be the Big Bad Wolf.

fables_1This graphic novel now counts 20+ volumes, some stand alone editions and even an encyclopedia edition!


There were some laughs and some deep thoughts on the pages of this graphic novel.

“…you know what they say. The only easy day was yesterday.”

Bigby Wolf: Fabletown’s Sheriff in Legends in Exile (Fables: Book 1)




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