Bookish things


This spring something strange is happening to me! I am getting these crazy ideas about doing some bookish projects. The fact that I am sorely lacking time for any of it is totally irrelevant! I have started getting these crazy ideas while I was searching for some inspirations for my book club activities. Here are some of the ideas and inspirations that got to me this spring.

Literary signsdirectional-sign

I do have a garden to put a sign like this one in but I’m more intrigued by making some indoor decoration. It might include some really crazy and maybe even completely impractical coat hanger. Variations could include a weird wall sticker decoration or even a wall ornament of some kind.

Locations and pointers I will probably discuss with the boyfriend since we live together.

Anything goes for now!

Book clockbookclock1

 I am not fond of people who carve out books to make stuff out of them.  Some versions of a book clock I’ve seen made me sad for the books that got  destroyed in the process. What I’m interested in doing is a wall clock from  the pictures of book covers with numbers on them.

 I could probably use a wooden tiles or maybe something even lighter and  glue a picture of a cover with the the appropriate number on it.

 Choosing out a good and suitable cover will be a fun experience unto itself!

Book staircase 82e7f8383468ab30b88e68b9d49a735e

I love this idea! I’m not very handy with a brush and making it any less than perfect would just irk me every time I had to see it! I think it might be an easy solution to have some printed out stickers made for the stairs. I’m much more sure in my abilities to exterminate air bubbles under the sticker than to paint out the details and colors to my satisfaction! It could totally be a good way to freshen up the staris if the stickers could be changed few times a year. Maybe for the first batch to start with some of my favorite manga series for the whole stairs, or some kind of book series I really love!

Who knows maybe I even find a more permanent solution while I experiment with it!

Book11010299_687049081423862_3746224728111783008_n bricks

 I really love this idea to paint a brick and make it look like a book! These could be used as a  door stopper or a garden ornament. It is an  excellent way to have an outdoor bookshelf  without the books suffering from the elements of  nature! It might even make me spend more  time outside just to look at them. This idea just  might be the first I bring to life this summer. I  can play pretend and paint them into those  lovely Barnes and Noble leatherbound editions  I gaze at whenever I get the chance to!