Kindle freebies


I regulary browse Kindle store for new and exciting reading material. I’m often amazed at the number of free books I find there.

I have a thing for books that others often consider cheezy or even trashy. I like reading books that are NOT mainstream bestsellers. I like forming my opinion of the books I read on my own and not by judging it if some critic was right about it or not. So the best way for me to find a new book that most other people know nothing about is to browse the new free Kindle editions.

Kindle freebies 1

Due to popularity of recent romance bestsellers with slightly erotic themes most of the Kindle freebies are as well erotic romance books. I look at them as most guys look at porn. They come in variety of fetishes. These books are often pure porn but some of them can be quite surprising in character and story development. The amount of reviews on these freebies tells quite a bit about how much people read and love these books.


Freebies are a great way to find new authors and book series. First book in a series is often free and it is an excellent way to judge a book series without paying. I’ve found a few great book series like this. They either come in box sets with a dozen or so other authors and books, or sometimes even as a standalone. Some of them do have paperback edition avaliable for purchase by a normal price just like any other paperback book editions. And some are only avaliable as Kindle editions.

Kindle freebies 2


Paying under a dolar for a good book is an excellent way to support new authors or even help promote certain genres. I used to have issues with buying digital content and prefering solid paper books I can admire on my bookshelves. My way of thinking changed drastically when I realized how many books I can have access to in their digital form for free or just for a few $. Ordering these books in paper form would be too costly for me since sometimes shipping costs more than the actual product. This way I don’t have to wait for my book to arrive and there are no shipping fees.

I’m happy to say I read freebies!

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