Sacrificed to the Dragon – Collective Work Review!

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Sacrificed to the Dragon – Collective Work by Jessie Donovan

After an intriguing intro in the form of the Sacrificed to the Dragon Part One freebie that I really liked I decided to buy the whole thing. You can see my perky review to that first part HERE!

I got super excited and my expectation was something like this




What I got was something like this


So what went wrong here?

There were some elements of the story I was really happy about. Stuff like alternate reality where dragons exist among the human populace. The part where the author took on the plot with dragon hunters and goverments turning their back on the bad stuff that’s happening was promising as well.

panorama sttd


After an intriguing intro in the form of the first freebie I was dissappointed by the rest of the book. The idea of dragons and their healing atributes, the political plot and the intrigue of a whole new race and culture mixing with goverments and dragon hunters was only a wague background for simple romance that was at the centre of this book.



This book had me feeling cheated and all the time I was reading it there was something missing. There is this one part where the time line is skipped a few months and I got the fast forward vibe more than once. The inner dialogues of dragonman and his dragon were kinda charming in a beastly selfish kinda way. The language at times was a bit crude – the word fuck was all over the place like there is no other word out there to describe the act of sex. Strange phrasing was preplexing at times – there was this one time where the eyes of the loved one were compared to “…dark unpeeled potatoes”



There were colorful and jaded characters trought the book but where I saw possible plot twists and further story development I got let down.


Maybe I’m reading too much into it all but I found the book lacking substance and was sad to see a good idea go to waste…

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