Book covers all around the world – Anita Blake


I love good looking book covers. This doubly applies for book series I read and buy. Some of the more long standing ones I follow for more than a decade. One of the series I am a fan of for a very long number of years is also Anita Blake the Vampire Hunter book series by Laurell K. Hamilton

There is one edition of these books whose cover art was done by Luis Royo. It is sort of limited edition. And YES it is on my wishlist!

panorama special

I have bought first four books as a box set. A little coffin box set actualy.


Here are some of the book covers for first book of the series Guilty Pleasures. First there are some editions in english. Since the series started going out in the 1990-ies they vary in cover design.

ab panorama 1

ab panorama 2

ab panorama 3

I like this style the most!

ab panorama 4

This is the cover of Marvel’s graphic novel edition


Since I don’t speak some of the languages this book is translanted into there might be some other books from the series as well!



ab panorama 5

ab panorama 6

ab panorama 7

ab panorama 8

ab panorama 9

Unfortunately Anita Blake series has never been translated into Croatian.

What are you favorite book covers?



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