Personal reading challenge – July 2015

Since last year I have found my reading lacking. Some of it is due to lack of time and some are caused by general grumpyness I feel towards some aspects of my life.


In order to wake myself up from this reading dryspell I decided to challege myself to read the books I have been putting off for far too long! Most of the books I will include in this challege are part of a book series I read for years and all of them are on my shelves and waiting to be picked up. While deciding to procede with caution and make an easy goal I remembered that the reason I’m stuck in the first place is that I’m too easy on myself. That is why this time I’m choosing a wilder and bigger goal.

Personal reading challenge – July 2015

1# Read three books that belong to a three different book series I already own!

2# Read all the books for the RL bookclub

3#Make time to read at least 50 pages every day

4#Read 15 or more books in July

5#Finish a book series or bring it up to date

6#Make at least 5 book reviews for the blog

7#Finish all the reading in progress books by the end of the month!


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