A Shiver of Light – Book Review

Big-ShiverFinished reading

A Shiver of Light (Merry Gentry book 9 ) by Laurell K. Hamilton


I was kinda angsty about this book. It has been years since I’ve read the last one. Last book Divine Misdemeanors came out in 2009.  I was afraid I will not be able to pick off where the story ended five years ago. This proved not to be true!



In the last book from five years ago, main character Merry is finally pregnant (the quest for her to get pregnant started in book one!) We also learn that by divine intervention she is having more than one baby by more than one father! I allways liked the totally different approach Sidhe and fey have on sexuality, nudity an privacy. Back when I first started reading this series I found it refreshing. I always thought that this series would have been a great anime series since the hair coloring, character outlooks in general and even character behaviours are on the quirky side.


I really wouldn’t mind having one of these busts on my bookshelf!

This book drew me in and I was very quickly reminded why I loved this book series. I loved reading about Merry’s men, guards, loves and friends. The babies were intriguing. The post natal depression was a bit over the top though.

I cannot say this without the spoiler alert so here it goes:



 One of my favorite characters dies in this book. Sholto dies 😦

He even gets one last happy goodbye. And everything is too good to be true. And he admits to being the  happiest he has ever hoped he can be….

There is a goodbye sex scene with his extra bits – which I find hot BTW!

…and than bam…..he gets killed…

It took three chapter for me to start believing he is really killed off….


I did not like how quick the ending was wrapped up. I would have liked to read it instead of getting the short version… This is the thing I disliked most about this author. These little fast wrap ups at the end of each book. I always feel like I’m missing something. It even gets me to look up some fanfiction just to get closure. I sometimes get inspired to write my own ending just to get it out of my system…


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