Training Their Mate – Book Review


Finished reading

Training Their Mate (Pack Wars Book 1) by Vella Day ★★


I wanted to read a sexy book with not so traditional relationships. This one was screaming menage, supernatural and BDSM. I had luck with these so far and I wanted to give it a try.



This book is about 150 pages long which is pretty short for a book but passable for a smut story. The plot was kinda intriguing and it promised a good story. Main character was a woman seeking out revenge for a man who ruined her mothers life.


The point when everything made a turn for direction BAD is the point when we meet one of two main male characters. Even in the most crude smut stories you have certain plot points where you see the glue of the story peeking trough. That is necessary for the book to be, if not good then bearable.

What I did not like the most was how simpleminded characters were in this story. Main heroine was a woman with no knowledge of her self-worth or boundaries. She takes the amazing sex at face value and nothing her men did to her made her stop and think silly thoughts like:

I know this hot guy less than 48 hours

I have been attacked and still have wounds on my body from running for my life and this man is talking about training and showing me his playroom


There are few things that made this book bad for me. Character inconsistencies aside it always shows when someone who is not experienced with BDSM life style writes a book about it. Introducing an unstable character who uses BDSM to take control of things in his life and portraying him as a hero who can actually switch his lifestyle on and off is a sure sign of writer not knowing what he/she is writing about.



I did not like this book. But what made this book unforgivably bad is summed up in this quote:

“…transported to the world of Zena and the warrior women…”