A God to Wed Her – Book Review


Finished reading:

A God to Wed Her by Yamila Abraham



Lately I’ve hoarding lots of Kindle freebies and I want to start reading them a bit more just to clear my Kindle Library. This one looked promising and short. I’ve seen few free books by this author and frankly I wanted to see what lies beyond these illustrative covers.

This is what the full picture looks like apparently.



Storywise this book is cool. We meet a small island village slightly primitive in their ways. Ashla, local healer finds herself dealing with an epidemic that even her magical abilities can’t handle. Village elders and senators conclude that she needs to climb the mountain that loom over the village and the god Exinious for help. There are few background characters and plots that made me really interested in this story.

Mountain on Island of Bora Bora

First of all this little story is under 100 pages long. I like the ideas presented in the story and the idea of a god in exile creating people and watching them evolve and learn. The story is totally PG13 and in Kindle store is recommended with erotic fiction. This is probably due to some other works by the same author.

aliens bride trilogy

The author writes erotic fiction and some of it are yaoi oriented. Funny I stumbled upon probably the only story by this author that is not erotic fiction.


Other works I found by this author are giving me the impression that the whole process of creating them was rather “done manually” but with great enthusiasm. By the pictures like this one above you can see a person who is doing what she loves and gives it her best to keep at it. It takes a lot of energy to keep up and stay engaged in ventures like this one. I have much respect for less known authors who dare to explore in less traditional parts of erotic fiction. Yaoi being one of them.


I am not really sure what to make of this story. It finished way to soon and left me wondering about the cliffhanger ending. So far I haven’t found any evidence that this story is continued. I will seek out some other work by Yamila Abraham.


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