One Weird Trick – Book Review


Finished reading:

One Weird Trick (Sex Criminals vol 1) by Matt Fraction, Chip Zdrasky ★★★


I have heard this graphic novel praised when it first came out. The title and the idea as it was presented to me was kinda weird and slightly unfathomable.

A mature readers warning is a must here!

The idea where main characters have a supernatural ability to stop time when they have sex. But wait it gets weirder…




It starts out as a coming of age story only much more directed to sexual awakening. Main female character discovers the joy of her big O and her ability to stop time while she reaches an orgasm. Self loving aside imagine how boring and silly your sex partner must be for someone like that. Everything changes when she meets Jon who is like her.


This graphic novel is filled with extremely funny and witty details I really liked. It speaks about sex and all things related in a very non-judgemental and liberating way. I found it very refreshing. It is clear that the authors had much fun creating it.


The details on the drawings range from hilarious to satire. The artwork is simple and easy to follow. I liked how the characters were presented and the fact that the main heroine is a hardcore librarian struck a nerve with me.



The sheer amount of sexual freedom in this book is liberating and noteworthy. I like the weird and crazy ways the authors presented two people falling in love. These are just the characters, but explaining plot-twist would be just revealing too much.