Rival – Book Review


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Rival (Fall Away book 3) by Penelope Douglas



Ever since I’ve come across this author as a spur of the moment Kindle buy I love this series! The coming of age stories with abundance of teen angst and drama is simply heart rendering. I loved the intro to this book I read at the end of the book two. It seemed intense, erotic and exciting.

That beautiful girl that hated me, and I hated her, but – goddamn it – I loved how we hated, because it was raw and real.   ~ Madoc (Rival)


First two books were based on a character couple Jared and Tate. This book is centered on Jareds best friend Madoc and his stepsister Fallon. As with the first two books this one is intense and needs a serious mature readers only warning.

And the corner of my mouth turned up as I made my way trough the crowd. She was stiff as an ice cube when I took her from Aidan, and then she’d melted like liquid in my arms. Now she was a puddle all over the dance floor. 

I am the man.  ~ Madoc on Fallon (Rival)

Chapters are written from the perspective of both main characters. There is drama galore and some of the plot twists are seriously messed up. Like in the first two books, readers can go trough the rainbow of emotions.


As you can see from the quotes in this post I really appreciate the main character. His personal growth trough the books and the way he handles himself is kinda dreamy. There was this one line that reminded me of Rhett Buttler type of character!

Madoc smiled, grabbing me by the back of my neck and gently bringing my head into his chest.

“Finish, Father,” he ordered over my head. “She needs to be kissed.” 

The laughter in his voice was intoxicating. And I definitely needed to be kissed.

~ Fallon  (Rival)

Seriously though, the characters have a certain dimensions that make them easy to relate to. They all have their flaws and their good sides, things they love and care about and things they can not live without.

RivalTease #1

All character relationships in this book are dramatic. Characters you are supposed to hate are very easy to hate and lament upon. Once you get into this book emotionally you are in for a wild ride. No character is to be taken lightly.

I’d stopped growing when Fallon left. And I started again when she came home.

You have to have something to love. Something to fight for to make a living a goal instead of a job.

~ Madoc (Rival)

The sex scenes were more than steamy and something about the rawness of pleasure, pain and emotional expression makes them really work for me. The author plays a lot with certain forbidden areas and pushes her character into directions that others might have avoided.

But in the words of Madoc I liked the freedom to explore and take risks.



I can honestly say I fell bad about not having a way with making all these quotes into great pictures but some of these were just to good to leave out. I admire the lust for life and the sheer energy these characters posses in spite all the drama and hardships they go trough.

I will continue this book series with