Will Eisner Graphic novels


Few years ago I’ve been researching on the history of graphic novels. The most important award in the field of comic and graphic novels is named Eisner. The nominations are presented every July on San Diego Comic-Con.


The first time the term graphic novel was used was in 1964. But it is only in 1978. when Will Eisner made a graphic novel Contract with God that the term graphic novel started to be taken seriously. It was a step toward making the graphic novel a respected narrative form in in its own right. It showed the world how themes in ninth art can be something other than humor and action meant for children and Sunday leisure section in the newspapers.



Will Eisner’s name is used in many libraries project’s to promote literacy and the graphic novel form. I will let you google it and search more about the man on your own or just look for the documentary about him!


I recently read two of his graphic novels. I read them in Croatian and they are not that easy to find. My local library has only few copies and doesn’t even loan some of them out.


Finished reading:

The Plot: The Secret Story of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion by Will Eisner ★★★★


I knew nothing but the mere basics on the topic of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. And I really wanted to read graphic novel by Will Eisner. I didn’t know the introduction was written by Umberto Eco at the time I picked it up from the library. I was actually looking for a good graphic novel to suggest for my RL book club.



Author spent twenty years researching for this graphic novel and one more thing I did not know before I started reading it was that the story is actually a  historical documentary on the events that actually happened.


It is not a book to be taken lightly and reading it requires a certain concentration. The black and white graphic is amazing and fits well with the content.



I’m glad I’ve read it and will continue to look up more graphic novels by Will Eisner. I’ve also read Dropsie Avenue (The Contract with God Trilogy book 3) and did not know at the time it was a book in a series. I just sorta grabbed the only two graphic novels by Will Eisner the library had available.

Wish me luck on getting my hands on the others!


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