Reading in progress – January 2016


This is a shaming post dedicated to inspire me to make better reading plans for things that keep getting undone. I have three books I’m stuck on since last year. Here they are, the books that I did not finish in December.

neuromancer (1)

Neuromancer (Sprawl Trilogy book 1) by William Gibson

0 out of 228 pages

First one is the one I managed to avoid reading trough for better part of the last year! It was actually part of one of the challenges I participated in for last year. This is getting ridiculous.


Mostly I blame it on the fact that few books I had to read for the RL book club I’m a part of were kinda similar in genre – futuristic, dystopian and not very friendly or warm.

The Laughing Corpse (Anita Blake book 2) by Laurell K. Hamilton

131 out of 293 pages

This one I planned on rereading the whole year. It is part of those things I want to do but get distracted by other new books. I’m usually very picky about the books I read more than once. So much so that I don’t really do it unless I have a very good reason. My TBR pile is big and it’s just getting bigger so I use that as an excuse to avoid rereading books I already read.


Weird thing is I love this book series and I’m enjoying rereading this book and I really ran out of time in the busy December. It is my wish to reread the whole series and from 25 books this is the second one in the series. I’m getting there….slowly….

La Liste de mes Envies by Gregorie Delacourt

34 out of 184 pages

This is one of the new arrivals in the bookstore I picked up. During the holidays we were extra busy and I did not have the time to read. The book itself was a bit melancholy and I could not get into it fully. Good thing is that it is short enough that I might finish it off quickly and soon!


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