Fables, Vol. 2: Animal Farm – Book Review


Finished reading

Animal Farm (Fables vol 2 )

by Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialcha  ★★★★


It has been almost a year I’ve read the first graphic novel in Fables series. I always wanted to keep reading it trough and that still stands. I want to learn more on Fables and their lives on this side of stories.

“It’l happen Snow, one of the advantages of near immortality is that we can learn to accept and adapt to almost anything.. eventually. “



I’ve actually read Animal farm by George Orwell last year and it was a bit scary connecting these two works for me. The original classic was something I didn’t really enjoy reading but I agree it should be on the mandatory reading lists for everyone. It’s value should not be underrated. This version where some of my favorite things meet in this revolutionary light got me worried. I love fairy tales more than anything and dragging them into serious classic literature was no picnic for me.


In this Fable series second volume we get to learn more about The Farm – secluded place where all Fables who cannot adapt to living among human unnoticed or pass as human live.  Among many metaphors to life the one that stood out most for me was the one about life choices we need to make on our own. Some of it, like Goldielocks for one,  is just really confusing…



I will keep reading this graphic novel series at my own pace. Since every volume so far. including the Fairest spin off series I adore had some really cool side stories I will probably enjoy it at a slower pace.

Here is an armed raccoon for the end 🙂IMG_20160209_125925

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