The Death and Life of Bobby Z – Book Review

Bobby Z

Finished reading

The Death and life of Bobby Z

by Don Winslow



Lately I’ve been in a reading slump. Books that I used to adore and themes I used to love make me lose interest fast. At the bookstore we had an outlet book sale and The Death and Life of Bobby Z was one of the books offered. I put the Croatian edition cover with the English one since I like how it looks like. Title in Croatian is Smrt i život Bobbyja Z-a.

Mexaco-US Border


It is an action packed crime novel set in California and Mexican border. Some parts of the book are all about blowing people and stuff up.  For a  looser convict main character goes trough unusually lucky period. This book is perfect read for beach or any sunny type of vacation.


The story is actually all about hope and second chances. Compared to reality of drug wars the story is much like a fairy tale. Aside human trafficking, drugs and illegal activities there’s also some really mean bikers, much profanities and some steamy sex scenes.


All the while I was reading I had that feeling like I was watching a movie from the Fast and Furious series. When I finally looked it up I found there is a movie by the book with none other than Paul Walker as the main protagonist!


I liked this little break from my usual reading genres. I’m glad I picked up this book. It was relaxing and fun read and now I have an idea for a movie night as well!

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