Monthly Reading Review – February 2016


Monthly Reading Review – February 2016

This February I have read:

Animal Farm (Fables, Vol. 2) by Bill Willingham ★★★★

Moja Ti by Jasna Jasna Žmak ★★★

The Death and Life of Bobby Z by Don Winslow ★★★★

single book

1. How many books you’ve read last month? Are you happy with the amount you read?

This February I’ve finished only three books. This continues my slow reading at the start of each year. Maybe it has something to do with everything else around me making progress – like kicking on with some New Year resolutions, strangely big amount of projects that are work related.

2. What was the best of all the books you’ve read in February? Any scenes or characters that made a lasting impression?


3. Were there any not so good books for you last month? What made it hard or not enjoyable to read?

There is not much to choose from this month so I’ll reflect on both questions at the same time: 

The Death and Life of Bobby Z was a nice reading surprise. It is definitely a book for reading on a beach during the summer heat. The whole story is action packed and fun read. 

Animal Farm (Fables, Vol. 2) was a second volume of a graphic novel series I’ve been meaning to read for a while. Like most serial graphic novel it has it’s perks in reading more volumes in a row. For this reason I’ve already borrowed next three volumes!

fable reading

Moja ti  was a work related reading I was supposed to make a review on. It is a compilation of short stories in the life of one couple. It was not my usual type of reading and I had some issues with it. The stories were actually very intuitive and emotional. It was not something that can be read fast and I think it made me reflect more and take a slower approach to reading in February. 

moja-ti-jasna-zmak-naslovnica (1)

4. How did the books you were reading last month fit in your reading plans if you had any?

Lately all I do is plan my reading but never seem to stick with it. I planned to read more but then again I have a tendency to enjoy my reading in the moment better. This February the plan was to read what I felt like so I can’t really complain about fitting these three books in my plans.

5. Any updates on the series you are reading or are you starting any new series?

I made progress with Fables series and now that I’ve broken the ice after a long break from volume one I think I will catch up with this series a bit more soon. Dark Skye from IAD book series is still reading in progress. 

6. Would you like to recommend any books or authors you’ve been reading this last month?

As a recommendation from February I have The Death and Life of Bobby Z for a fast action read and any Fables themed graphic novel you can find.


Final thoughts on February

I would compare my February reading with a granny but I think grannies read faster than I did in February.  I still have some overdue reading in progress books. 

Dark Skye (Immortals After Dark, #15) by Kresley Cole

Moć albiura (Saga Albiurana, #1) by Daria Keršić

I kinda missed out on the romance reading in the month of love – must fix that soon…

Am I happy with how things are going slow – NO

Do I acknowledge that I’m in a transitioning period – YES


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