Book series goals


I do love a good book series and sometimes I just get a few books that are part of a series without even finding out much about them. I do this when they fit the fantasy and UF genre I love. And I do this when they are cheap to come by.


For the moment I will not be discussing the chronic lack of space for the books I find myself in because of these irrational acquires …

After a while I have accumulated alarming number of book series I own and haven’t read trough yet, some I haven’t even started on, and some I just really want to read and don’t even have them on my shelf.


I would never refuse a book gift and because of it I keep ending up with books that are part of a book series and rarely the first part at that. This way I have gotten a few third books in a trilogy, many second books, one book series I own book number one and number three in hardcover(!) just because they were cheap and look really pretty and now it is impossible to get book two in hardcover since they are old and sold out more than a decade ago!

The list of frustrations goes on and on…


But then I remembered how good finishing reading a book series makes me feel. Instead of a depression that so many readers online complain about I get a feeling of accomplishment.

In the light of that, here are some book series that would make me feel good finish reading trough. Some of them I started reading ages ago and some I have yet to start on. Some are collecting dust on my bookshelves for far too long and some I have on my Kindle app. I imagine that some I will need to visit a library to get and some will be hard to find. These are my book series goals and finishing any of them will make me happy.

Starting off with a few from my bookshelf, those I have three or more and haven’t started them yet…


Elminster saga by Ed Greenwood

This one has been on my reading list for years. This year I’ve gotten books one, two, three and five (!) This series is a part of Forgotten Realms universe and I’ve gotten the craving to read it since they added the main character to the Dungeons and Dragons MMO I’ve played. There are about eight books in this series.


Dark Days by Jocelynn Drake

These first three books I have for a few years now. I found out about them from a Shelfari group I was a part of. Then I had a chance to buy book one and book three really cheap. After that I ordered second book and now I just need to start reading them. There are six books and two prequel novellas in this series. I actually read one novella and liked it!


Elder Races by Thea Harrison

These were a Christmas present from a work friend. Many bookish friends online have only nice things to say about this book series. I have the first three and there are nine books all together with a bunch of short stories here and there in the series.


Noble Dead by Barb & J.C. Hendee

These are first three books form one of the three different book series in the Noble Dead Universe. There are three different book series and this one has six books. I got all three on book sale.


After making a list of all the book series that fit the categories above I managed to pen down more than twenty different book series!

Listing them all down would make this a really long post. And I would much more prefer to use that time to read something 🙂

Hopefully I will be bragging about making progress with some of these book series soon!

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