Reading in progress – March 2016


I’ve actually cleared up most of my reading from February and started on some new and exciting books. Here are the books that are in the category reading in progress at the moment.


Dead Heat (Alpha & Omega book 4) by Patricia Briggs

125 out of 326 pages

I got this book just this month and couldn’t wait to start reading it. Patricia Briggs is one of my favorite authors and love her characters. I love what I’ve read so far and the way how with every Alpha & Omega and Mercy Thompson book world the author is created changes and each new book reflect those changes. I love that feel of a really rich world building in urban fantasy series.


Matched (Matched book 1) by Ally Condie

112 out of 240 pages

This is one of the new arrivals to the bookstore. I’m reading a Croatian translation and so far I have unusually little to none complaints. I really didn’t think I was going to like it so much since I’m not a fan of futuristic YA genre – I find them mostly depressive. I like how expressive the author got with some parts of the book and describing the influence of poetry to the characters.


March of the Wooden Soldiers (Fables vol 4) by Bill Willingham et al

5 out of 231 pages

I’m slowly going trough this graphic novel series. I’ve finished Vol 3 and I’ve got Vol 5 waiting on the shelf as well. I like how the story goes and I’m a little weirded out  by some characters but I’m interested to see where the story takes me. So far I liked better the Fairest graphic novel spin off than this original series but I’ll just have to read it and see.


I miss spending the afternoons or any other part of the day reading. I have to many distractions lately. At least BF and I get to spend a little time reading before bed.

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