Matched – Book Review


Finished reading:

Matched (Matched Book 1)

by Ally Condie



When I picked this up I knew it was a trendy dystopian YA book series. I try to avoid the genre and I’m really not a fan of futuristic or dystopian novels. I had really low expectations and the only reason I picked it up was that it was a newly translated arrival to the bookstore I work in.



This book starts out really sweet with a main character a girl named Cassia going trough a certain rite of passage ritual – being matched to a boy who will be her future life companion.


The story deals with futuristic society that has made life more simple and easier. A place where cooks don’t need to know math and were programmers don’t need to know how to cook. Everything is matched and prioritized by person’s abilities. It makes a case for nurturing the preferences we were born with. It all has a nice ring to it.

As the story progresses the picture perfect life starts to crack and dim around the edges. To make life simple and easy there were some sacrifices made in the past. And the one that made me hurt the most were in making life simpler society decided that works of art will be culled in number where only one hundred of each remain.


Even thinking about such censorship and destruction makes me sad. It is in a way reminder of cultural destruction trough the past and that happening today. This made parts of the book that cites poetry endearing and emotional experience.


On the side note I liked the characters and I think they were well written. Especially some minor characters in the background. The chemistry between the major characters is great and the budding love theme with coming of age is very well presented. There is a love triangle in this one and I liked the surprises in characters choices trough the book.


I liked the book and I surprised myself with how much I liked it. I’m genuinely interested in next two books and will keep up with this book series!

Some scenes reminded me of Equilibrium movie and Grammatron Clerics in white suits minus the guns and swords. Here is a mostly weaponless eye candy Christian Bale from Equilibrium movie!


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