Reading in progress – April 2016

For the first time in a long time I have found myself clearing all the reading and finishing all the books I’ve started. giphy

I gave myself a pat on the back and proceeded to pick some books from my big TBR pile with renewed fervor. In doing so I tried picking some books that were on the list for a while but for some reason I haven’t gotten to them just yet.

Here are the books I’ve picked out for April


The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

45 out of 368 pages

I liked this book since I saw her last year. It was presented as a refreshing, no sequel underdog story in a rich imagined world. So far I’m a bit tired with all the strange names and kinda Old English language that the characters use. The story is intriguing but if I’m not really concentrated I have a hard time imagining all the wondrously strange races, technology and scenery. I hope I get into it soon.


Drawn Together by Z.A. Maxfield

45 out of 368 pages

I found out about this book ages ago when I was reading a lot of fan fiction and Kindle freebies. I knew there was a small chance that I would ever get my hands on a copy to read it. It is a cute story about most unlikely characters – southern boy Rory and an anime artist Yamane. It started out a bit weird and I hope it gets better soon.


Half Bad (Half Bad Trilogy book 1) by Sally Green

212 out of 369 pages

A while ago when the translation to Croatian came out I’ve add this book to my TBR quite casually. I was in no hurry to read it. What served as incentive was a gift I got – third book from Half Bad series – Half Lost. I felt bad about having the last book in the series since I haven’t even started on the first. I just got sucked in this book and read half of it in two sittings. I’m seriously thinking of buying it and the whole trilogy!


I’m thinking of starting a few more and making April a very busy reading month! I will be soon adding the graphic novel  The Mean Seasons (Fables volume 5).

fables 5

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