Books that changed me – Circus of the Damned

A book that signaled a change in my life is Circus of the Damned. Third book in Anita Blake the Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton.


I got it almost a decade ago in my early twenties. I read some other books by this author and decided to start with Anita Blake series. I’ve heard some really strange and different opinions on it that I just had to read it. This book came as a part of a box set.

box panorama

I shamelessly used these books to avoid preparing for exams. For four days I read a book each day. The reason I single out third book in the set – Circus of the Damned is because that’s the book that got me hooked on urban fantasy genre. Up until then I’ve spent countless hours reading fan fiction and any other morally ambiguous stories I managed to find online. I would read the night trough and watch the sunrise before actually going to sleep. sunrise-quotes-6

There are few reasons that make this book and the whole series in general special for me.

Firstly, I did not become a book lover until after my formal education. Back then I loved stories but not really appreciated books as a medium. I was never a fan of required reading and I never had the discipline to make myself do the things I needed to do. It was a strange and lost period for me while I was in my first years in college and did’n really know what to do with myself. Reading was an escape from things that bothered me in real life. It was somewhere in reading these books that I started using my own imagination and that gave me a deeper perspective and satisfaction for reading as well.

Secondly, this book made a turning point in my transformation to a book lover AND collector. Up until this book I did not buy books at all. This book signaled a plunge into living with my wallet empty most of the time. It kick started my inner collector into gear and now I patiently wait and buy each new book no matter what the reviews or critics say about it. May I remind you how long Anita Blake book series is? Let this picture speak for me.


Ever since then I’ve been meaning to read trough the whole series again. It is the longest book series I own. So far I’ve managed to read first two again. I’m currently reading Dead Ice – last one in the series. After that I will be  reading Circus of the Damned again for the second time.

I will not bore you with it anymore since this is not the first time I’m writing about these books and probably not the last either. I’ve been looking at some older posts and decided that my pictures need a sprucing up. I’ve got a better camera for it now than I did when I first started posting my own pictures 🙂

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