Reading in progress – May 2016

Strangely I have been very up to date with my reading lately. As it turns out I don’t have any books that I’m lugging from previous months. This has inspired me to seek more books to read from my TBR list.


Naturally what I’m really doing is completely opposite! I’ve kept adding new books to my TBR and I’m more inclined to pick something that is not already on my TBR pile.

For reference purposes my TBR at this moment has 400 books. Some of them I have trouble getting my hands on to actually read but most are available to me or even already owned and waiting to be picked of the shelf!

Here are the books I’ve started reading this month:


The Chamber by John Grisham

25 out of 561 pages

This chubby piece was not my own choice. It is a part of my RL book club assignment. For June we decided to have a blind date with a book in a secret Santa style. I ended up with a nicely wrapped up book by a book club colleague. He likes crime novels and thrillers and I’m not really fan of them. This is the book I ended up with 🙂


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

7 out of 240 pages

This is a spur of the moment library pick. I heard about this book some years ago and thought it was cool. Seeing it again made me pick it up and give ti a go. All I know about it that it is a weird book and the main character is a boy with Asperger’s sindrome. So far it is nicely strange.


I feel the need to add some romance books in the mix for May. Not sure which ones though…

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