Blind Date With A Book

I mentioned in my last post that my RL (real live) book club this month had a Blind Date With A Book assignment in kinda Secret Santa style. We all agreed to bring a book and wrap it up in something so it can’t be seen which book we brought. We put all the books in a single pile when we arrived. As you can see on the picture there were lots of different packages. Everyone was given instructions to pick any book he really liked regardless of the genre. Only restriction was to be able to provide the book to the soon to be reader whether it be from their own collection or from the library.


And then one of us came out with the a bunch of paired bookmarks. We tend to improvise like this quite a bit. Our group moderator placed the bookmarks one for each nice little packaged book. Then we randomly drew bookmarks and that is how we got our reading assignment for June.


This was the book package I brought. I included a little card with a Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote “Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.” and a happy reading wishes on the inside. The book itself was a Como aqua para chocolate I read and reviewed in August 2014 – see it HERE.

My little drawn package I dear say (!) was the most elegantly packaged book of them all. I couldn’t figure out whose was it and it came as a surprise to find out it was from one of the members who really likes crime and thriller genre. I’m not a fan of those at all so this book will be a quite a challenge for me to read by the end out due date which is first Tuesday in June.


I was really shocked to see the book inside and hear that the guy who brought this book went to the flower shop before our book meeting and had it professionally packaged!

We mostly agreed that due to our monthly life obligations most of our books will not be more than 350 pages long or if it longer they will be agreed upon more than a month in advance.

The book I got was The Chamber by John Grisham. This baby has 500+ pages and were it not for my off work days I doubt I would be able to read it by due date. I’m coming along nicely and I’m half way trough. I’m making extra effort to read it since I was pleasantly surprised by how it all went down.

We all decided it was something worth repeating and will probably make another Blind date with a book activity in the future.

P.S. sorry for the bad pic quality :/


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