The Girl with All the Gifts – New movie trailer!

I’ve added the book The Girl with All the Gifts to my reading list when I saw it last year when it was nominated for a Arthur C. Clarke award. It was the only one from the list that caught my attention!


The award went to Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. And The Girl with All the Gifts got the movie adaptation. I stumbled on it accindentally why browsing for new trailers at the IMBD.

I really hate zombies and I’m not a fan of dystopian literature but there is something about this book that just draws me in.

The movie stars veteran actress Glenn Close and lovable Gemma Arterton. I like the little Sennia Nanua as well.

So far the trailer looks very promising and can’t wait to start reading it so I can prepare for the movie better!

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