A Gentleman Never Tells – Book Review


Finished reading:

A Gentleman Never Tells

by Eloisa James



I’ve pre-ordered this little novella on Kindle when it was first announced almost a month ago and it turned up in my Library yesterday. I was a bit surprised but pleasantly so. Last few months I’ve been meaning to find some nice historical romance to binge on. This one came in at the best moment possible. High expectations indeed.



I’ve really enjoyed Eloisa James’s Desperate Duchesses series. This is my first book by her not connected to the series I love. I had postponed reading something else from this author.

This novella is a part of Essex Sisters book series. Chronologically it is set after the fourth book. First four books being shown in the picture below.

essex sisters series

I’m not too thrilled by these covers and that’s part of the reason I’ve not read these books already.

This novella is quite short and barely over 100 pages long with interesting and lovable characters. It is a pairing of two minor character from the mentioned series. She is a widow wronged and shamed by her late husband. He seems a little lost and overly sorry for some youthful mistakes. She is quite adorable with her curly hair and bookish ways. It takes one look for him to stop being lost and fall madly in love. Due to the short story there was no bigger character development.

As usual authors quirky writing is delightful. I like how the author does not shy away from writing silly sex scenes. Some quotes taken out of content were pure gold and joy to read.

“When I look at you, Lizzie, I don’t think of sausages.” – Oliver Berwick


Glimpses of other characters from the series were intriguing and this has left me no choice but to add this book series to my reading list. Even in short stories such as this Eloisa James still stays one of my favorite writers of the Historical romance genre.

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