Monthly reading review – June 2016


Monthly reading review -June 2016

This June I have read:

Dragon Bound (Elder Races, #1) by Thea Harrison ★★★★

Our Tragic Universe by Scarlett Thomas ★★★

Midnight Marriage (Roxton Series #2) by Lucinda Brant ★★★

A Gentleman Never Tells (Essex Sisters, #4.5) by Eloisa James ★★★★

A onda je Božo krenuo ispočetka by Marina Vujičić ★★


1. How many books you’ve read last month? Are you happy with the amount you read?

I read only 5 books in June. I’m not pleased with this apathy and slow reading progress.

2. What was the best of all the books you’ve read in June? Any scenes or characters that made a lasting impression?

Elder Races series by Thea Harrison was by far the cutest read in June for me. I liked the magic, the dragon and his hoard and new worlds to explore!

3. Were there any not so good books for you last month? What made it hard or not enjoyable to read?

Our Tragic Universe and A onda je Božo krenuo ispočetka were equally bad for my reading time. While the first one had a proper wrap up ending of sorts, the second was an existential novel with open ending. Unlikable and depressing characters are not what I look for in my free time reading.


4. How did the books you were reading last month fit in your reading plans if you had any?

For June I had planned reading a bit more historical romance. I achieved this with a Kindle freebie Midnight Marriage and a new Kindle novella by Eloisa James. Once again I did my RL book club reading ahead of time which is good. Unfortunately the quantity of books was a bit of a fail.

5. Any updates on the series you are reading or are you starting any new series?

I’m already in the middle of reading of second book from the new series Elder Races started I’ve started in June. Novella A Gentleman Never Tells got me to add the whole Essex Sisters book series on my reading list for future reading. I’m still in the middle of reading of Ever After book 11 in the Hollows series and it is going slow.



6. Would you like to recommend any books or authors you’ve been reading this last month?

Eloisa James has again proved to be a real delight in this slow reading month and I recommend any of her books with all my heart.

Final thoughts on June reading:

In June I’ve been struck down with existential and metafiction novels. The lack of fantastic elements was something that even some good historical romance could not reimburse for. I need to go back to magical places, characters with weird abilities and wonderful possibilities


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