The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian


When I first read this book in January 2014. I simply loved it. It made me cry and it made me laugh. Now I finally managed to push it to the top of my RL book club reading list as a reading assignment for July.

While I’m looking forward to reading it again I’m a bit nervous about how to prepare for the discussion.


While many of the issues this book speaks about I’m totally ignorant off; there were many parts of this book that spoke to me in a rather personal manner.

I don’t know much about the hardships of native Americans and their struggles today and in the past. But I understand poverty, segregation, alcoholism and all that happens in between.


I’m unsure on what parts of the book I should explore further for our book club discussion. Should I explore more on the topics that are not as close and familiar since I’ve never even met a native American in person and I live in Europe? Or should I follow those parts of the book that spoke to me the first time around?3529129_orig

I wonder how will I feel about this book reading it a second time. I believe it will make me cry again in all the same parts and for all the same reasons. This YA book has made a deep impact on me and I keep recommending it to all my friends that love to read.

I wonder what my book club will think about this book and hope I’ll do well as a discussion moderator.


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