Busy Busy November 2016


This November I’m going without Monthly reading review for the first time in two years. I started it in October 2014 (!) and kept it going ever since.

What has changed?

I read less…

There are many reasons that piled up for me lately. It is time to face the facts not just ignore them as excuses.

First and foremost for months now my vision has been deteoriating. I’ve even gone so far as stopped watching movies and avoiding even some of my favorite TV shows. I’ve went to check on my eyesight and I need glasses. I haven’t got to buying them yet and something always keeps getting in the way. I get tired easily because of my eyesight and it makes me cranky and a bit depressed.

To top it all my reading lamp stopped working and I haven’t replaced it yet either.


On the other side …

I have been busy anyway.

This November after six years of missing it I went to a book fair in Zagreb. Money for books was in short supply so naturally I went and borrowed some. This made my purchases a bit more humbler than I would liked but the experience has somewhat revitalized me.


In the picture is my humble loot.

I feel I need to add that I was there with some book club friends who are even more enthusiastic about books than me. We traveled to Zagreb and even had a real suitcase on wheels, a backpack each, AND more than few bags full to carry our loot in home.

As you can see in the picture  there are few books and some other things as well since I decided to drop in the gamer fair that was also happening just next door. Most of the things were presents and stuff I bought for others.

As I work in a bookstore I was mainly concentrating  on searching out for older editions that I can’t order or find easily. I’m especially proud of a little book in Chinese and gaming mugs for me and the boyfriend – he got the Deadpool mug and League of Legends is mine.

I’m very happy to have found Croatian edition Handmaiden’s tale by Margaret Atwood and favorite book from a decade ago – Blue Wolf by Homeric, a tale of Genghis Khan.


Birthday parties…

In November our gaming club Titan Atlas had a second birthday party and we went all out on the cake and games. Here are some cake pictures and link to our site 🙂


Klub Titan Atlas Osijek

Also my local book club had a third birthday party. Our members produced and performed a play based on a book one of the four active reading groups read this year. We were even promoted in local newspapers and news portals online 🙂


In conclusion…

In November I’ve eaten a lot of cakes and read only one book! Book was called Four Dukes and a Devil and is a compilation of short stories by five different authors. It is romance oriented and every story had a Duke in it! It was a mostly easy reading before bedtime on a tablet.


Four Dukes and a Devil by Cathy Maxwell et all ★★★

In the meantime I have already gotten my hands on some new arrivals in the bookstore and my December book loot will be a real dragon hoard indeed…


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