Bookish meriment


This year Goodreads has made a really neat My Year in Books summary for its members. As this year turned out to be not my best in the reading department I was still delighted to see the results.

Even though my reading has taken a back seat for a bit, I’m still happy with books I’ve been reading this year. I’ve been reading some classics I’ve been meaning to for years and I managed to squeeze some new books as well.

I liked that with many genres I’ve ventured into this year I still prefer YA adventure and urban fantasy. Also for the first time ever I had some really good books that I enjoyed and a book I rated with only 1 star out of 5.

While I love my books I also love gaming and other shiny pretty things. Here is the latest one: a puzzle I got this Christmas from a good friend I met trough a book club. I started on it at New Year’s Eve.

There are some books I have been lugging on “reading” shelf that I mostly ignored for months. I have started reading them again and I’m very optimistic with my progress.

As it turns out the last book I’ve read in 2016. was A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. And there is one rather ominous quote that can be applied to my monster TBR list.


To reach goals one must set them first. And this is why I am making plans for my reading in 2017. With mandatory finishing books I started I decided to clean up my TBR a bit.

My To-Be-Read list is closing in on 400 books currently. My goal for 2017. is to get it close to 300. I plan on doing this by finishing some book series and getting to reading books I already own.



To keep this plan up I decided to launch a preemptive strike at each month and make a list of books I want to read and things I want to do. I’ve been neglecting my blog because I’ve been having too much fun with some other things and it is time to start writing about them too.

So Happy New Year everyone! May you be blessed with interesting books and fullfilling lives ❤


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